• Techno music forsakes traditional musical instruments in favor of electronic devices such as turntables, drum machines, bassline sequencers, synthesizers and computers. As a result, techno music is often described as possessing a futuristic sound.


    A natural evolution of the electronic music of the 1970s, techno music came out of Detroit during the 1980s and soon spread across the United States. Ben Russell, a Detroit radio personality, is often credited with creating the techno style.


    Techno music is known for its pounding beats and synthesized sequences. It combines German electronica with an urban American feel. Techno rarely has regular vocals and seldom employs conventional instruments.


    Turntables supply techno with musical samples and background tracks. Drum machines and bassline sequencers provide the repetitive, pounding beats. Synthesizers add other sound effects, including instrument sounds, while computers are used to put everything together.


    Several computer programs are available for composing techno music, including Deckadance, FruityLoops, Reason, Dream Station, VAZ, Reaktor, Rebirth Refills, GranuLab, Orion and Power Tracks.


    Purely electronic, techno is intended to be dance music and is often associated with nightclubs, raves and other such gatherings.


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