• According to the American Cancer Society, cold laser treatments are sometimes used during acupuncture, instead of needles. Cold laser treatment is considered a form of alternative medicine and its benefits may include relief of pain and inflammation and wound healing. It may also be used to help you stop smoking.

    How are Cold Lasers Different?

    Cold lasers do not heat your body tissues like traditional medical grade lasers. They work on the affected cells under and on your skin. According to Cold, this stimulation helps to promote the natural healing process.

    What Frequency do Cold Lasers Use?

    Cold lasers use a low level of energy that is from 10 to 7,500 milliwatts. The light from a cold laser is in the red spectrum and travels in a straight line at a frequency between 635 to 970 nanometers.

    Uses of Cold Lasers

    According to the American Cancer Society, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve the use of cold lasers for medical conditions. The FDA does permit the use of cold lasers as an experimental treatment. Some conditions that cold laser treatment is use for include reduction of pain and inflammation, smoking cessation, and use in the veterinary field.

    How Long Have Cold Lasers Been Around?

    According to Cold, cold laser treatments have been used for over 30 years in many countries. Cold lasers have been used in the United States primarily in the veterinary field for approximately 10 years.

    Are There any Side Effects?

    To this date there have been no side effects reported from the use of cold laser treatments.


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