• Keeping your car keys clean is important for hygienic purposes and to prevent malfunctions. There are various ways you can clean a car key with household products, but depending on the type of key you have, some methods will be more suitable than others. Some car keys are equipped with electronic chips so submerging them in liquids will not be the best option. However, a variety of cleaning and natural acidic products should be sufficient to clean the average metal car key.

    Cleaning metal car keys

    Remove the keys you want to clean from the key chain and dampen a cleaning cloth with warm water. Clean the whole surface of the key with that cleaning cloth. The purpose is to remove any excess of dirt that might cause a malfunction (if the key is used to start the engine). Apply a small amount of tooth paste to an old tooth brush you don't intend to use again. Brush the surface continuously without using water. This will help remove impurities. When you're finished brushing, wipe the key clean again with the cleaning cloth. Fill a bowl with lemon juice or vinegar to a level where the surface of the key will be covered. Leave the key in the bowl overnight. The acidic liquids will go to work on the metal. Remove the key from the bowl in the morning, wipe it clean and it should be ready to use.

    Cleaning car keys with electronic chips

    Dampen a cleaning cloth with warm water and remove any excess dirt from the surface of the key. The important thing is to prevent the section of the key that contains any electronic chip to get completely wet. Cleaning it with a dampen cloth will not affect it. Following similar steps to cleaning a metal key, dampen a tooth brush with lemon juice or toothpaste and brush off any impurities from the key's metal surface. Finally, apply ketchup or toothpaste on the metal port of the key. Cover the entire surface with either substance, and leave it on overnight. Remove the ketchup or toothpaste next morning with a cleaning cloth and your key will be clean and ready to be used again.

    Source: Facts about household cleaning: Metal Cleaners

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