• Sony's Playstation 3, much like other consoles of its generation, is ready to interact with any number of devices, such as PCs or .mp3 players. Fortunately, flash drives are also available for interaction with the PS3, and unlike its predecessor, the Playstation 2, interaction between the PS3 and flash drives is much easier.

    Files the PS3 Can Use

    In its main menu, the PS3 has three major media sections: "Movies," "Music," and "Photos." These are the kinds of files that the PS3 will search for whenever any kind of device is connected to it. The files will then be available on the PS3 under those sections.

    Connecting the Drive to the PS3

    Before connecting the drive to the PS3, you must make sure that the most current drivers for your flash drive have been installed onto it. Once you know the current drivers are on your drive, and have moved the files you want into the drive, simply connect your drive to the PS3 via USB cable. There are two USB ports on the front of the system that should be suitable for this purpose.

    Accessing the Files

    As previously stated, your files will become available in all three media sections of the PS3 main menu. Each section will have an icon representing your flash drive, with the name of the drive next to the icon. Access the files by selecting the icon.

    Copying files to PS3

    You can copy files on your PS3 to your flash drive as well. When you find the file you want to copy, press the "triangle" button on it and select "Copy."

    Things You Can't Do

    You cannot move files from the PS3 to the drive, and you will not be able to rip any games to the drive. Usually, The size of the games is generally so large that a file transfer of that size would be impossible.


    Playstation Support: Using a PS3 and Flash Drive

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