• Every computer has the capacity to produce sound. Some have this ability integrated into the motherboard, but others have dedicated sound cards that can improve the computer's sound performance. These sound cards have many functions.


    Sound cards are small computer hardware devices that can be purchased at any electronics store for prices ranging from $25 to $150.

    Sound Production and Output

    Sound cards have female input slots into which the male ends of speaker wires are plugged. The sound cards then process sound from computer applications and route it to the speakers to be played.

    Stereo and Surround Sound

    Unlike most integrated sound, many sound cards can produce stereo and surround sound for custom speaker setups.

    Sound Enhancement

    Sound cards can produce better quality sound than most integrated sound devices. The computer applications producing the sounds will determine if the full capacity of the sound card enhancement is used.

    Microphone Input

    Sound cards have microphone input slots to route incoming sound to computer applications that detect and record speech.

    Microphone Input


    Sound Cards

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