• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Many Cell Phone Numbers Can Be Found

    Reverse Phone Detective has a database of over 250 million phone numbers. While many sites offer a reverse phone number lookup service, few services boast such a large database of information available to subscribers. With the increasing number of cell phone subscribers every day, more and more users need to conduct reverse lookups on cell phone numbers. In addition, the company offers a 100 percent refund for users who cancel before their sixtieth day of subscription.

    On the Other: No Reverse Lookup is 100 Percent Guaranteed

    Just like other reverse cell phone lookup sites, the Reverse Phone Detective service is not guaranteed to contain every number that a subscriber may be looking for. Also, pay-as-you-go or prepaid cell phone numbers may not be available. The service does not work for numbers outside the United States, so those who may need to look up information on callers outside of the United States

    Bottom Line

    For those who are looking for a reliable reverse cell phone lookup service, the Reverse Phone Detective is worth a try. There are few credible reverse cell phone lookups, and none of them are able to boast complete reliability. Reverse Phone Detective does offer a money-back guarantee, so those who are not satisfied with the way the system works can request a refund. In short, it works but it's not much better than the free reverse lookup services available all over the Web.


    Official Site: Reverse Phone Detective

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  • If it is a listed phone number, it can ID it.
  • I've used similar (free) services, but typing a phone number from a missed call into a search engine ususally identifies the number for a legitimate company or a spam-call report from somebody else. Not so good for private or personal numbers.
  • Most reverse numbers can be easily found but cell numbers are harder.

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