• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Sure, a tire is a tire.

    Wheels are wheels, and as long as there are four wheels and they're round and you're careful, an SUV can be driven on just about any regular tire.

    On the Other: No way. SUVs need SUV tires.

    Cars, and SUVs in particular, require very specific tire sizes that consider three different variables to determine what is the best tire for the automobile in question. SUVs will need a specific sized tire that will be larger than a regular tire and rated for a heavier vehicle.

    Bottom Line

    Whether you can do something isn't as appropriate of a question as whether you should do something, and in this instance, you can put regular tires on an SUV, but you should follow the owner's manual and get the recommended tire to get the optimum, and safest, performance out of your vehicle.


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