• Most people start learning how to drive a car around the time they turn 16 years old. In order to begin driver training, the person needs to obtain a driver's permit.


    Getting a driver's permit requires the student to display a satisfactory knowledge of traffic rules and road signs. Each state has a specific number of questions a person must answer correctly on their written exam to qualify as prepared for actual driving.


    The minimum age to receive a permit depends on the state, but 14 or 15 years old is the standard age. Also, the applicant, if 18, usually needs parental consent and proof of identity--usually a birth certificate and/or Social Security card.


    A learner's permit allows the holder to operate a motor vehicle in the presence of a licensed driver--typically a person over the age of 21--to prepare for a driving test that leads to a license to drive.

    Time Frame

    Most driver's permits stay valid only for a year or two before they expire. In some states, such as Texas, a minor's permit expires when they turn 18.


    Driver education courses should adequately prepare a student for the written test, but states such as California have practice tests online that are generally applicable to other states.


    Georgia Department of Driver Services; Obtaining a Learner's Permit; Drivers Permits

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  • 5-21-2017 Go to the license office and ask for a pamphlet that you can study. Memorize it.

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