• You will probably not find this information available for free. The procedures will be layed out in the Detroit 60 Series manual, a set of two thick books that will run you about $200.00 (on eBay). You can get them from Detroit, or find them on eBay. eBay will be cheaper. You will need the proper tool to set injector height, and someone will need to calibrate the ECM for the new injectors based on the injector calibration code stamped in the top of the injectors. It's probably not cost effective to purchase the computer to do this job, so you will need to take it to a shop that already has the system. You may want to call around first and be sure you can find a shop willing to do the calibration if you install the injectors yourself.
  • Probably left to do the whole procedure to th eprofessionals.
  • which type injector n2 n3 or e3

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