• Higher education is one key to finding higher-paying career opportunities. A two-year degree, also known as an associate degree, is an affordable educational option that opens new doors for job seekers.


    You can obtain a medical position with an AA degree working as a dental hygienist, physical therapist, respiratory therapist, nurse or x-ray technician. In these fields, your AA degree is usually accompanied by an internship or certification program.

    Information Technology

    AA degrees with a focus on technology can lead to jobs as network administrators, computer specialists or technical support. Graphic and web design is another option for those with technical training and artistic flair.


    Many two-year colleges offer culinary arts programs. Potential jobs include pastry chef, sous chef and restaurant manager.


    Associate degrees in legal studies can put you on track for a career as a paralegal or court reporter. It is also a helpful background for criminal justice and public safety careers.


    Fashion designer is one of the highest paying jobs for someone with an associate degree. Those interested in fashion seek AA degrees in fine arts or fashion design.


    Several careers in skilled trades are available for people who hold AA degrees, such as mechanic or electrician. These careers may require apprenticeship.


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