• Most states have laws for reckless driving. Until 1990, Pennsylvania did not have a reckless driving law; it had a careless driving law that carried no penalty unless an injury or death was involved. However, the reckless driving statute carries a penalty.


    According to Pennsylvania law, the offense of reckless driving is committed when a person "drives any vehicle in a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. " The prosecution must prove that your disregard while driving was either willful or wanton.


    Willful means that the disregard was committed intentionally, purposefully or knowingly, according to The Free Dictionary. Wanton driving is driving with a complete disregard of the consequences of your actions and an indifference to the consequences.


    The penalty for conviction under the reckless driving statute is a $200 fine and a suspension of driving privileges for six months.

    Special zones

    Your fine can be doubled to $400 if you are engaged in reckless driving in a work zone or in an emergency response area that is manned by emergency responders.


    The reckless driving statute allows prosecutors to charge a driver with more than just a handful of traffic tickets for behavior that goes beyond average errors in judgment. It points more toward the attitude of driver in addressing the indifference shown while engaging in actions that could cause loss of life.


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