• The amount of weight lost on a fast depends on the individual. On a strict seven-day water fast, a person can lose two pounds a day if she is morbidly obese. A person considered mildly to moderately obese can lose one-half to one pound per day. In the first few days, only water weight is lost and not much fat. For this reason, most dieticians warn against quick fixes and suggest eating healthy foods long-term. Anyone 40 to 100 percent above her ideal weight is moderately obese; 100 percent and above is morbid obesity.

    Health Check

    If you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, taking antipsychotics or antidepressants, or have an illness of any kind do not embark on a drastic lifestyle changes such as a fast without consulting your doctor.

    The 7-Day Water Fast

    Ease into the fast by spending one to two days eating only fruit and vegetables. On the fast, you must drink at least one gallon of purified water per day for seven days. If you cannot afford purified water, or live in an area where it is not available, then the water is likely fine for consumption but, if you are unsure of the quality of your local water, boil it for at least one minute before drinking. Do not add ice to the water; drink it at room temperature. Add lemon or lime juice for variation and take a daily multi-vitamin. You may also take herbal supplements.

    Take It Easy

    Make sure you are not busy when embarking on a water fast. Slow down and rest often, says Dr. Kiki Sidhwa. Your body is going to need minimal shock and excitement since a water fast is a drastic shock to the system.

    Weight Loss on a Water Fast

    On this diet, you can lose one half to two pounds per day or between three and a half to 14 pounds in seven days. If you only lose half a pound per day, you probably fall in the category of a person who has either dieted too much and so that your body is hoarding fat, or you have a slow metabolism, or you do not require such a diet. If you are obese, then you should lose up to two (or possibly more) pounds per day and give yourself a good pat on the back for the jump-start into a heart healthy vegetable-, fruit- and protein-rich lifestyle.

    7-Day Juice Fast

    Because of the calories, a juice fast may result in fewer pounds lost. TOn the other hand, a vegetable or fruit juice fast will cause your bowels to remain active and may result in even greater weight loss over 7 days. This healthier alternative to the water fast will boost your metabolism and cleanse your colon and you will not have to slow your activity quite as drastically. You still require at least 8 cups of water a day in addition to the juice, .

    Weight Loss on a Juice Fast

    The results of a seven-day juice fast will vary greatly depending on the individual and his metabolism. Up to 14 pounds of weight can drop off a morbidly obese individual, and an estimated three to seven pounds for a person of average weight or who is mildly to moderately obese.


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  • 8-4-2017 "Fast" is a religious term for a ceremony which may or may not involve a special diet for some period of time. People who don't know anything assume that it only means going without food. Even worse, a lot of people assume that fat is directly related to food intake, and that you can lose weight by not eating. You really ought to study some books about nutrition so you know a few things. Example: Fat is made of carbon and hydrogen. The only way it comes out of the body is if it is turned into carbon dioxide and water and then it comes out through the lungs. So that involves a lot of heavy breathing, and that means jogging or aerobic dancing. Figure on losing one pound per week when you are doing things right.

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