• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Consumer Reports Likes Pella

    In 2009,, a reliable source for testing and reporting on window quality, gave favorable reviews to three of four Pella replacement window models. Two models--the clad-wood ProLine and the fiberglass Impervia--were highly recommended, scoring big points for wind resistance and durability.

    On the Other: Pella's Vinyl Windows Are Problematic

    In the same test, Consumer Reports gave a negative review to Pella's vinyl window offering, the Pella ThermaStar 25 Series. Despite its relatively low price point (about $215), the ThermaStar 25 got the worst possible rating when it came to wind resistance, receiving the organization's lowest overall score for any 2009 replacement window.

    Bottom Line

    If you're going the clad-wood or fiberglass route, Pella windows (like its ProLine, Designer Series Precision Fit and Impervia models) are a good choice, providing excellent overall value. The company's vinyl windows, unfortunately, just aren't up to snuff.


    Consumer Reports: Home Window Ratings

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