• To become a doctor in the United States, years of education and training are required. Part of this training is a medical internship or residency. A medical internship provides doctors with the real world experience they need to practice medicine unsupervised.


    Medical school students acquire their medical school degree then go on to complete an internship to gain real world experience as physicians.


    There are two types of medical internships that physicians can choose from: transitional and specialty track, according to Transitional internships cover general physician training and require the completion of certain exams, while specialty track internships are specialized training in a specialty, such as emergency or internal medicine.

    Time Frame

    Medical interns usually start their internship in late June and continue their internship for a whole year, according to They may go on to complete more internships or begin practicing right away.


    Medical interns may have to repeat their internship if they are unable to pass their final internship exam.


    Medical interns are paid during their internship, according to Actual pay will vary by internship year, job location and specialty, but the average salary for medical interns was $35,000 as of December 2009, according to


    Health Internship

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