• On one hand, being a sports agent is glamorous. You get to rub shoulders with famous people and get great seats at sporting events. But it's also a lot of pressure. You need to negotiate contracts for your client with stingy owners. If you don't get enough money for your client, you'll be fired. A successful agent needs to have as much guts as the player he's representing.


    A sports agent needs to be multifaceted. Most agencies offer many services. For example, the highly regarded Rosenhaus Sports negotiates contracts, but also handles marketing and endorsements, media relations, career management, post-career counseling and NFL draft preparation, which includes an exercise program and sports psychology. Many college majors could prepare you, including accounting, marketing, public relations and sports management. A law degree isn't required but is beneficial.


    Try to get an internship during undergraduate or grad school. It helps the resume, but more importantly, you meet professionals who could teach you the business. You're at a disadvantage if your competition has summer internships at agencies and you worked as a waiter.

    Snag a player

    Anyone could simply put out a shingle and declare themselves an agent. However, you need to attract players or it becomes a pipe dream. If you could convince a hot prospect you're the right guy, then becoming an agent won't be a problem. It's difficult competing with established agents, but it's possible---especially if you were friends with a player while attending school with him.

    Get hired

    Some agencies make you a full agent right away. Others make you pay your dues. For example, IMG---considered one of the top agencies---starts agents off in entry-level positions, according to the company. Eventually, the top ones move up to assist with client needs before possibly taking over all of the work for the client. IMG also states it does not hire external candidates for agent positions. So if you're targeting a specific agency, try to get hired doing anything and work hard.


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