• Probably George Clooney.. he'd keep your spirits up but wouldn't be afraid to spit on his hands and help make a bamboo hurricane shelter. I suspect he would probably make a secret raft, however and paddle off one night looking for booty.
  • Martha Stewart. She'd make it homey.
  • Just an impulse... Jane Fonda has led a fascinating life and has proved her skill at tackling all sorts of problems. Then, when it's time to talk, she'd have an endless number of stories about herself; her brother, Peter; and her famous father, Henry. I like her voice. And, I think she's a very capable person. /// I only hope that she wouldn't think I was a total loss. Maybe I'd be incentive for her to get away from that island! (Honestly, I've been told I am interesting to talk to, but my health is "blah", so I'd never be much help.)
  • Dean Friedman. Just listening to his great songs would keep me alive for ever.
  • not sure

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