• I never watched it. I wasn't aware that it had been cancelled. It probably got low ratings. EDIT: Rumor has it that "Studio 60" won't be around very long. You know the end is near when more than half the viewers from its lead-in "Heroes" drop off. Over at the big eyeball CBS, they are getting 10 million more viewers in that time-slot than the peacock. Sure, there was an order put out for nine more episodes, but no amount of spin control can fix the fact that it has been on a steady ratings decline since the pilot aired back at the start of the fall season. It's sad for NBC which seemed to be defending this show from the outset, but that's the word from people involved with the show. It won't be long before it's cut completely from the air. There's a big reason this show didn't work. The pilot which had a boatload of viewers was a different show than the rest of the season has been. The initial episode was more people and character oriented. The show has since degenerated into being plot driven rather than character driven. In my opinion, this is what has brought on its steady decline in viewership.
  • ive never seen it

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