• Hamsters are fun pets for children without all the work and expense of dogs and cats. They are small furry animals that originally come from the desert, and so like large dry spaces.

    What they Eat

    Hamsters will eat almost anything but should be fed a mixture of nuts, seeds, grains, lettuce, carrots, apples and pears. Really any kind of fruit, yoghurt and cottage cheese.

    Food No-No's

    There are certain foods that should never be fed to a pet hamster as they are poisonous to them. These foods are canned or frozen vegetables, raw beans, sprouting potatoes, and the green part of tomatoes and potatoes.


    Hamsters need fresh water everyday. There should be a water bottle that hangs in the hamsters cage that has the water changed daily.


    Hamsters live in cages and you should always create a bedding in the bottom of the cage for the hamster. You can use wood shavings, Kleenex, hay, straw, saw dust or wood chips. You should clean the cage out everyday by removing and changing the bedding where they went to the bathroom.

    No Lost Love

    Pet hamsters should never be kept in a cage with another hamster as hamsters do not get on. Even if that hamster is their brother or sister, they will still fight a lot so hamsters should be kept in separate cages.


    My Pet Hamster & Gerbils By Lee Engfer, Andy King

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