• Tree cutting costs depend on location and height. Small trees up to 30 feet in height can cost from $125 to $437. Medium-sized trees from 30 to 60 feet in height run from $175 to $900. Larger trees over 60 feet in height can cost from $400 to over $1,400.


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  • I had a large dead one cut down in January for $2900. It probably cost more than average because they used a lift to hold the person cutting it instead of having someone climb it, and they probably did that because it had been dead for a few years. I was satisfied, because it was gone within half an hour and they took not only what they cut but also some limbs that had fallen off earlier that were laying at the edge of the woods. .By comparison, my neighbors had a similar size tree cut down 2 years ago, and it took 3 people two days to get rid of it. I have no idea what it cost them but it was worth it to me to not have to listen to 2 full days of noise.
  • Depends on location. National Parks charge thousands of dollars (don't ask).😒
  • Spend the money to get someone insured and reputable. just a suggestion.
  • Location, size and "hazard factor" must all be be figured into the cost of removing a tree. A large dead tree in a neighborhood environment would probably have to be climbed and taken down a piece at a time, to avoid damage to other folks property. Maybe even requiring the pieces to be lowered with ropes. That can get pricey fast. A large dead tree or just an unwanted tree that is not very dangerous and with room to fell it in one piece would be much cheaper to take out. Get more than one estimate though. Some tree workers will take advantage of you and take your money unnecessarily. When i was logging years ago , there was nearly a fist fight at work because of an argument between two timber fellers.. One of them had given a 2000$ estimate to take down a tree by climbing and cutting it into pieces. The other one didn't know about that estimate, and he fell the tree for 150$ and made the first guy really mad.

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