• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Appears Legitimate

    SpyHunter is a software program manufactured by Enigma Software. The program's purpose is to identify and delete spyware stored on your computer. Spyware includes tracking cookies and other bugs installed on your computer to "spy" on you and grab sensitive data off of your hard drive. It does cost to use SpyHunter (other anti-spyware programs are available free).

    On the Other: Problems with Credit Cards, Other Software

    Some people who have purchased SpyHunter have reported bogus charges on their credit cards from the software company. Additionally, some users have reported that other, more reputable programs have listed SpyHunter itself as a spyware or malware application.

    Bottom Line

    Read the reviews before downloading SpyHunter, and make sure you get it from the official website and not from a third party. If it seems to cause more problems than it fixes, uninstall it right away and seek professional technical help if you can't resolve your computer's problems on your own. Contact your credit card company if you receive any unauthorized charges.


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