• Tiffany-style lamp shades can be bought from a large variety of retailers on and offline. Since 1895, people have coveted Tiffany glass lamps for their artistry and distinctive variety of glass colors. Authentic Tiffany lamps can be very expensive and are often beyond many budgets. Fortunately, an array of quality Tiffany-style lamp shades is available at affordable prices.

    Online Retailers

    You'll find the largest variety of Tiffany-style lamp shades, both new and used, at online retailers. These sources also offer the widest range of prices. Websites like and LampsUSA each offer several hundred different variations of Tiffany-style shades for floor lamps, mounted lamps, and table lamps. Online auction site eBay may list over 1000 such glass lamp shades on any given day, and records of winning bids show that many can be obtained for less than $100. features over 2500 Tiffany-style lamp shades through its affiliated vendors. Always remember to factor in the cost of shipping your purchase when shopping online. Costs can vary considerably by package weight, shipping location, and insurance (keep in mind that these shades are very heavy and extremely fragile).

    Local Home Goods Shops

    If your local lighting store doesn't carry Tiffany-style lamp shades, they can often order one for you or advise you on the best locale to find them. The advantage of going to a local store, in addition to supporting your local economy, is that you can see the lamp shade in person to ensure you're really buying what you want. The texture and size options of a Tiffany-style lamp shade are as varied as the color options, and you will get a better sense of how the shade will coordinate with your decor if you see it in person.

    Home Improvement Stores

    Home improvement stores likely offer more options than independent stores. Before leaving home, you can search for Tiffany glass lamp shade options on the store's website and call to see if your location carries the model you want. If they don't, they can order the item for you and either have the lamp shade shipped to the store or directly to your home. Home Depot's website carries over a dozen varieties of Tiffany-style shades for both tall floor lamps and small table lamps.


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