• It depends on what state you live in. In some states, cohabitation can mean you are now legally married if certain requirements are met (i.e., you both have presented yourselves to the community as husband and wife, joint checking account, etc.). In most states however, there is no obligation; however, in some states if a contract can be proven then you can have some obligations. For example, if you asked a woman to give up her job and move from Ohio to California to live with you and in exchange you would care for her - some states would find that you need to at least care for her to some degree for a certain period of time. This agreement can be oral or written. Normally, there are no rights or obligations unless one person has sued another person...and a court has found that rights and obligations were created.
  • No but a few states recognize common law marriage which I believe usually effective after 7 years and certain criteria is met.
  • In many states it does.

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