• With him, always with him.
  • Sleep with him... but neither of us sleep well in the same bed. Still, we put up with it because its better than not!
  • I always sleep with my partner, even though we have to make do with only a single bed when she sleeps over.
  • I am my wifes teddy bear, ive woke up with back pains from her spooning; thats ok because I like to grab her boob when we role over and sometimes my hand goes south and she wakes me up.
  • With him....who wants to sleep away from their S/O??
  • I'd like the availability of both. I'm single so my perspective doesn't really count, but I really would prefer separate bedrooms so I can maintain self-hygiene in total private . . . sleep in my own bed if I'm exhausted, and if I'm feeling amorous . . . give a little tap on his bedroom door . . . or he on mine . . . and we still have our own privacy when we want/need it.
  • Would prefer seperate rooms. not just seperate beds. No reason to share a bed or room. Just have no money to move out.
  • Separate beds, rooms, houses, heck even states here.
  • Separate beds because I jump up and run when I hear the Police siren. Force of habit.
  • Im usually all over him so separate beds would not work
  • I'd like to be able to choose, from night to night, depending on the weather and my mood. I don't like to share a bed in very hot weather.
  • + with my partner --spooning his arm around me and my hand holding his.
  • I can't imagine not sleeping toghether! . I have to often enough when I travel, and I definately prefer the together, even if she's been eating garlic!
  • I sleep by myself and that is how it will stay.
  • I prefer sleeping with, but that rarely happens due to distance.
  • I have seen partner sleep together without any feelings.
  • Wife and i slept in the same bed for many years. i loved it and she loved it. My wife developed sleep apnea and a two minute nap was like 8 hours of sleep for her. she would be wide awake with the tv going full blast. i could not live without sleep, working two jobs. After a long and considerate talk, we decided to go into separate bedrooms. let me make this perfectly clear, our love for each other is as strong as ever. this was a health decision for both of us and its had no effect on our relationship. She now takes sleep medication, but sometimes thats still not enough. We sometimes talk to each other on our cellphones. thats kind of romantic, especially some of the text messages. its added spark to our marriage.
  • For actual sleep, definitely separate beds, except on the odd special occasion when I'm not too bothered about getting much sleep. I tend not to sleep well with someone in the same room, never mind the same bed, and I like my own space at night. One of the nice things about separate beds/rooms is it makes getting up in the morning exciting, springing out of bed and snuggling in after I've had enough time on my own to appreciate the company again.
  • My partner lives 1000 miles away.. I don't think there any beds large enough to accommodate us so separate beds seems to be much more practical..

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