• I can't replace my son. I've had 3 husbands...
  • The intention is not to die with him silly, but hopefully to save him or her regardless of risk.
  • I would stay with my kids i wouldn't want them growing up not knowing their mom and hope that someone else on the ship would jump in after my husband.
  • I would jump because the crew could take care of my kids until they contacted their mother. In the mean time, if the cruise ship did not pick us out of the ocean, My wife and I would perish or find a nice island to live on. Either way, I would be happy, for life without her is no life, at all.
  • Nope, live as a family die as a family...So if my wife fell over board I would toss my children over also and then myself lol sorry, that's just plane wrong...I would tell my children to go look for someone who works on the boat and have them tell that person that mom and pop went over board so that way they can stop the ship and begin the rescue operation...
  • I would throw a life preserver as fast as I could and summon help immediately. If my spouse could not save himself in the ocean waters, what makes me think I could? Do I really think I could fend off sharks, rough seas etc. so he could live? I think any mother would stay with her children.
  • If I seen them jump over board, I would run to the nearest person...tell them MAN OVERBOARD, and jump in after them....hopefully help would be called, and both of us would be saved. I couldnt just sit there and do nothing. Its better to have a chance at saving them...and really trying, then not doing what you could. Im a trooper...ima make it damnit...and ima save you too!!!! HANG ON!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would throw a life preserver and get help with a boat.Make sure they didn`t stop til they found him!Because I know I couldn`t swim good enough to save him.He`d have to save me which would do him more harm than good.And I`d probably have to keep the children from jumping.
  • Tell my 22 year old son to get help and jump in after my husband, he can't swim.
  • First of all ... from being on ship (Naval) in the past, you don't need to jump off the ship because the ships personnel have divers to go and retrieve the body in the ocean ... just remember to yell man/woman overboard when it happens and the ship will come to a slow move so the divers can get to them. Let the professionals do it. They get paid for it. So my answer is no I would not jump after my spouse because it would be more traumatizing for the children to lose both parents on a vacation than one.
  • for starters the children wouldnt even belong to us and second i wouldnt have been married so i would have thought about it. if i decided that i could make life interesting 4 them then id jump. if not id leave them. im a very cold kinda person. hell id even kill my whole family for another chance to go see a friend. thats how cold i am.
  • My kids would forever resent me for "letting" their mom drown instead of being a selfish coward. I would be smart though, and make sure that several people knew what happened, saw where I jumped off, and I would try to quickly grab a life preserver before jumping in. A 30 second delay could be just enough to save us both. Then, I would still have my wife and be a hero forever. Look for me on the Today Show.
  • Well, I can only talk about my ex...I would consider jumping...then I would consider our life together, NOPE!
  • I'd go for my husband!
  • I doubt you would even think about that possibility in that sudden situation. My first instict would be to go in after my husband. I would not take children under 12 on a cruise so I could trust my kids with telling the staff that we went over. Hopefully they can save us and we'll be ok.
  • Hahaha! You know, at first I thought I'd jump right in and truth be told I probably would do just that but having the time to think about it, she can't swim and she'd immediately sink like a rock. The answer is that I'd jump right in after her unless someone held me back long enough to give it some thought.
  • I'd go after my wife..... My kids would have a great support system back home. I couldn't sit there and watch my wife drown/float away in the ocean.... I'm a good swimmer... I'm going after my wife!
  • I'd have to toss the kids in too to make it a happy ending!LOL!
  • I am not a good swimmer, so I know that if I jumped in after him I'd do more harm than good. I would tell every living soul on the ship that I needed help and that my husband was overboard. My husband is an excellent swimmer and loves the ocean. So I would trust that he would be okay.
  • I would jump in, but after I grabbed something that floats, and told someone what I was up to.
  • I would make sure to tell someone to make sure my kids get home safely if anything happened to me before I jumped in.
  • How would your jumping 100 feet off the deck into mile deep water off a ship that was heading away help your spouse in any way. Wouldn't your time/efforts be better spent notifying the crew so that they could commence established rescue procedures?
  • I would cry for help or throw out a ring or something, i can't swim so that would basically be suicide and there must be somebody on the boat who could help so for that reason i'd have to stay with my girls.
  • Oooh that's a toughie. I would probably find someone who actually has experience/has a chance saving my husband and not risk leaving my children with no parents. +3
  • If I could actually manage to keep a clear head I'd stay on board. I'm a mediocre swimmer and my husband is a certified life guard. I really doubt that I'd be able to keep a cool head though. My children would be orphaned because my husband (who probably would survive) would have drowned trying to save my sorry behind. XP

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