• Actually i believe he did the right thing on this, you should go with what your General recommends, you did after all put him in charge of getting things done.
  • Obama said he would withdraw troops from Iraq ... and he is doing this ... no fine print to be read
  • I guess you confuse Iraq (promised troop withdrawal) and Afghanistan (no such promise) pretty easily.
  • He is sending many more. He didn't know what the hell he was talking about during the running for office, as many before him have done and many after him will do. They say what they think the (voters) want to hear. YO!:)
  • Good question!
  • He IS withdrawing them.....from Iraq. He's sending them into Afghanistan. Thing is, there WAS no fine print. If that were the case, all you'd need was a magnifying glass. Done in this manner, you have to be a mind reader. +5
  • I could have sworn I heard him say during the debates that we should switch the forces in Iraq over to Afghanistan.
  • Fortunately ( or unfortunately, depending upon your voiewpoint ) reality has a way of intruding into the best-crafted political sound-bytes. : )
  • Obamears? HA! That's one I haven't heard before. I think I prefer it to Obamaites :P
  • How did he put it, '...There has never been an option before me that called for troop deployments before 2010, ...' McCrystal asked for 80,000 and then P-BO dithers for 90 days and tells the country that he has had no option before him. For what this minor detail is worth, Obama is the Commander in Chief of the military. There are lots of options for the boss that is paying attention.
  • Did Obama backtrack on his campaign promises? Sending 30,000 Marines to Afghanistan is wrong. Lets compare 2001 to 2009. what progress has been made in Afghanistan? i cannot see any progress. I can only see American and other allied troops killed or seriously injured and America's economy slipping deeper into debt because of it. America cannot be the police of the world. Whats wrong with this picture and when will it ever end?
  • If you think his stance on Iraq and Afghanistan was "fine print" then you clearly weren't following issues at all during the election. He said countless times in public, on his website, in debates that he planned to withdraw the troops from Iraq and focus them on Afghanistan.
  • Obama is out of his league, like a true politician says what people want to hear to get voted in. A shame the American people keep falling for this.
  • What Isz said.
  • LOL! He's a politician, so he says whatever he thinks will get the most of the herd moving in his direction, then doesn't have a clue what to do next. Same song, different verse.
  • 2nd Answer. Is President Obama's nose growing longer each day as his words appear to have no meaning?
  • Well, brainiac, he's got to try to do something with W's mess. He's been in less than a year, so give him a shot. At least he is warring in the right country. Bush II went to Iraq.
  • He said: He wanted to withdraw/Reduce troops in Iraq, since that is not the war that is against Al Quida. He said, he wanted to concentrate efforts in Afghanistan, and if I recall correctly, he said during his campaign that if the US needed to kick Pakistan ass also, he had no problem with that. Get it right!

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