• It's me, completely sober and unimpressed that someone put that hat on me. (Or maybe not... the picture won't upload! It's that hideous... Or perhaps an AB glitch, I'll try and sort it late on.)
  • Yes,I want to be mr.Handsome.Take a look at my picture. Is it me LOLOL??
  • I know you think it's just for fun, but Answerbag is all about people's minds and hearts, not looks. Imagine how this question makes the people who aren't so great in the looks department feel. They come to the one place they can get away from our society's constant harping on physical beauty and see this question. Even if the question is meant in fun, it still has the potential to hurt people and make them feel left out. And for what? Beauty contests objectify people. That's not what Answerbag's about.
  • I don't need other people to rate my looks. I'm comfortable with who I am, and I don't strive to meet anyone else's expectations of what I should look like, how thin I should be, or how I dress. It has nothing to do with courage. This type of question (which I'm sure was asked with the best of intentions) just promotes the idea that what other people look like matters. It doesn't. AB isn't a beauty contest - we project an image of ourselves that comes from the mind, and the heart - the two places where true beauty exists.
  • Look like i raffled a few insecure feathers and caused a deep inner person debate. I wasn't trying to make anyone feel insecure about their looks or dig deep into who they are, everyone has different ideas about true beauty, weather we feel beautiful or not, there is always someone else who thinks we are beautiful. I know ABs who don't feel beautiful will have problems with my question but it was only for fun not jest. Scrap my original question, its been taken the wrong way by the overly sensative, insecure ones on AB and it looks like there are plenty with no humour at all, not jest humour. Marking me down and twisting my question to a serious question, thats plain and simple spite. We all know about inner beauty and outer beauty and we all have our own ideas about both. its all to do with confidence and happiness, contentment when you find all three you are beautiful.
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