• older ones had a lot more character than the ones visible on todays market
  • Old ones, no question.
  • Old school Looney Toons hold a special place for me. They were not at all PC, but not because they were daring, but because they showed society as it was. Smoking and drinking in saloons, guns and bombs in the war. There were elements of literature and classical music living alongside racism, violence and innuendo. Then the newer batch moved in, concentrating on slapstick and cheap gags for the kids. Adult humour took a back seat to meaningless plots of cat versus mouse. Along comes the Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad, South Park and the like... They pushed the envelope intentionally. Money? Yeah. Merchandising? Yeah. Pleasing the masses? It becomes debauchery for the sake of laughs. Not to say that there aren't screamers, or that it has no place, but I do like the implied nature of older cartoons over the blatant in-your-faceness of the newer breed. So yes, I'd rather watch Felix's whacky journey or Elmer Fudd battle wits with Bugs than Cartman make a fart joke or Peter Griffin do the same. Eh, this is getting too serious. Cartoons are freakin' cool!
  • I would prefer old time(classic) cartoon,because it's still the best cartoon someone ever made,the story,the feature,the music,and many more it's all so well made(even still in 2D and not that colorful) and also educative,good for children development and morality,and also so unique and mental stimulating in fun and constructive way. But I also feel disappointed because they're all almost extinct today.
  • Old time, preferably Bugs Bunny!
  • Older, classic cartoons.
  • older Looney Toons.i do like South Park but i prefer the older ones.
  • Old time cartoons. +5
  • I prefer the older ones.
  • both. family guy is the best these days but i do miss the tom and jerry. poddington peas !
  • Definitely old time! I was watching Dora the Explorer/Diego with my nephew, and it "weirded" me out watching it. It feels like the cartoons are watching you!
  • I prefer old cartoons. They are highly creative, being that they use unique characters and plots. Today's cartoons are mostly vulgar, and they tend to focus more on 3D realism.
  • There are some really great old ones...and some really crappy old ones. Each decade - it seems - there have been more and more cartoons. Usually: more and more crappy cartoons, but still...also some great ones. *** Some of the old ones that were really great they seem unable to duplicate - especially Loony Tunes. But others seem to be able to keep up the quality - like Disney, a lot of the time (not all of the time). And now we have anime, and some of those are really well done.
  • I can't answer because I don't watch cartoons, unless you count The Simpsons. They're old time and new time. I watch them regularly.

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