• No. Even though they did choose to smoke that which killed them, the did not choose to die because of it. Make sense?
  • In my opinion Yes ! great question my friend +2
  • Yes, smoking is a choice, and the surgeon general has said numerous times that smoking causes cancer and hundreds of thousands every year, so those who choose to smoke choose to increase their risk of cancer, and in turn increase their risk of death.
  • wow fair point!
  • If you smoke even occasionally, your life or disability insurance rates are much well the insurance payout may be denied at death if it is found that smoking directly led or exasperated your death (read the fine print)...something to consider if you're paying out hundreds of dollars a month in premiums to fund that insurance. More importantly, children learn in school that smoking may lead to cancer or death and they hold this to's humbling to hear a 6 year old ask his mom or dad to stop smoking because they fear they will die. NO child should ever live with that fear, a fear that can so easily be calmed by a parent by choice.
  • No more than dying by a stupid gun accident in America should be classed as suicide.
  • i think so, i know people right now that have cancer all over their bodies and they smoked a lot
  • No it should be due to insanity
  • Addicts don't have free will. Don't hold people responsible for acts they can't control. There wouldn't be 25M in the US if they could just pick it up and put it down whenever they felt like it. It smells, is too expensive and it causes cancer.. Most of them would have quit it by now if they could. quitting was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.
  • That's like saying people chose to become disabled if they join the military.
  • NO...No more than going to the bathroom every morning should be!!! My Aunt died from lung cancer yet she NEVER smoked a day in her life!!!
  • If smoking a cigarette doesn't kill you right away, then it is not classed as suicide.

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