• Try holding down Control and Alt as you type 4 in any program. I don't know what Toad is, so if this doesn't answer your question I apologise.
  • In ASCII, the character you want -- € -- can be typed in your current typeface / font (if it's contained in that typeface) by holding down the Alt key as you type in 0128 ON THE NUMERIC KEYPAD. (If you're using a laptop, that means that you'll probably have to hold down the Alt key as well as the Fn key as you type the 'blue numbers' 0-1-2-8 from your alpha keypad. I hope that made sense. I usually use something like type the 'word' "Euro$" and then do a search-and-replace later in all of the text that I enter, to replace "Euro$" with "€". (In MS Word and Excel, I have an AutoCorrect entry that does that on the fly. Same for Yen and Pounds, for example.)

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