• Absolutely!
  • why would she?
  • My cousin has an infection and won't go to the doctor because she is afraid the doctor will report it to her probation officer. It looks like a spider bite but I'm afraid she might have a staph infection.
  • NEVER trust a doctor, they will turn you in, my own sister betrayed me in somewhat the same way, blaming it on "her job would be in jeopardy if anyone found out". Meh.
  • A doctor can legally say patient has marks on arms which look like track marks but of unknown origin..meaning this. Doctors have to report anything they see but the report should be confidential unless they have a court order to release that to someone.
  • No, not unless the Dr thinks the patient would harm them self or someone else. Even the drug test they do in the ER states for medicological purposes only, which means it's not meant for the courts (not that it wouldn't be used that way.) I work at a hospital and we see Dr's put in the chart "drug seeking behavior" often but I've never seen the police called except for when there has been a suicide attempt, a fight or auto wreck and usually the police were the ones to bring the patient in. I hope your cousin gets it checked out Staph infection can get VERY nasty and it can be very difficult to get rid of.

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