• Life is so hard everywhere now. But I might choose Switzerland.
  • Italy. the air is fresh and clean. the country is full of vineyards and some of the best wine on the planet. The people of Italy are friendly and love their children. During our visit, the Italian people treated us like royalty. Italy is not America with all its high tech., but who cares? the scenery is absolutely beautiful.
  • canada the new land of freedom home to the new hollywood i can get there on the ground (no planes or boats)
  • Spain. I spent two years there as a missionary, and I would absolutely LOVE to share it with my family. My only concern is that I’ve been gone for almost 13 years, and I just know it won’t be the same…. :-s
  • I'd choice an Asian country..I like the culture, food and the people are very friendly :D
  • A small Greek Island, culture and peace.

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