• Sometimes one thinks to feel the need for crying, and sometimes one represses it unconsciously, other times there is no real crying need, that are two reasons why you don't cry(2 of the possibilities). Hope it helps
  • Your glands or something could be plugged. I can't remember what the doctor called it (so I'm going with glands for the sake of a name) but my doctor told me that my glands were plugged which makes it harder for you to cry. Apparently if you don't take care of the problem then it begins to become worse and harder to cry. The solution, my doctor said, was to get a rags and pour hot water, as hot as you can stand, on the rag and hold the rag on your eyes for 2-3 minutes twice a day. It works, at least with me it does, because my eyes seemed to be much more relieved when I perform the action. Hope that helps.
  • It could be physical, but it could also be psychological. Some people who have had emotional breakdowns or traumas in the past can find it impossible to cry. I have a friend who seems proud that she never cries, but I wonder what happened to her to create this emotional disconnect. If you think this might be the case, you might consider counseling.

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