• My Breitlinger watch
  • I have a ring that my dad bought me from my was after she passed away and for looking after her.. :D
  • My charm bracelet. I got it when i was a baby and have added to it all my life x
  • A certain promise ring
  • My charm bracelet that I first recieved when I was eight. It was lost for about 15 years. My mother and husband found it and have added to it over the years. Each charm is a special moment.
  • I have a couple....My mother's ring, a gold cross pendant, a Stamper watch, and a necklace which is a black cord with a little black dog in a basket...that little guy has been with me almost 40 years... :( damn...40 years.
  • None. Don't own em, don't wear em
  • A fabulous rectangular emerald ring surrounded with diamonds which my husband bought for a special anniversary.
  • The gold unicorn I wear on a chain around my neck my son gave me when I turned 45 The sand dollar gold ring my son gave me many years ago which I always wear on my right hand My mom's wedding ring which I wear on the chain around my neck alongside the unicorn My dad's wedding ring which I gave to my son because he admired it. He never met his dad died in 1960 and my son was born in 1966. It's a good way to connect them. The cereal box ring with my son's initial on it that we ordered when he was very young. He gave it to me when he grew up and I treasure it. The necklace my son gave me with a blue stone on a silver chain just because he thought I'd like it. The gold bracelet my sister and brother-in-law gave me because I had admired the one my sister had so they bought one like it for me.
  • I bought myself a diamond pendant necklace, and the next day I got hired, I've not taken it off for longer than a day. Its my good luck pendant! :)
  • My late nannas brooch and a friendship saphire ring given to my mother from my father:0)
  • well i don't have either of those anyway, so it would be my gold ring with my birthstone in it. i wear it everyday.
  • A black onyx ring with diamonds that my son gave me on Father day.
  • Niether one of those hold anything to me. Any piece of body jewelry does tho.
  • I dont wear jewellery ~ doest mean I dont like it tho!
  • I gave up on investing any special significance in jewelry when the brother of my first husband stole all my jewelry. Up until that point, I had several pieces that I loved, such as the first ring my mother gave me, my high school graduation ring, the first ring I bought myself to celebrate my first paycheck. A year later, my husband killed himself, and that put an end to "special" jewelry forever.
  • A bracelet my second oldest grandson gave me when he was 10 and a watch I purchased with my mom before she passed.
  • I have a necklace that has been in my family since at least 1794. I have photographs of my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, and my great-great grandmother wearing it, all in the same location in front of the same house.
  • I have three rings that are very special to me. One is my mom's aunt's engagement ring. One is my gramma's aunt's engagement ring and one is my grampa's wedding ring, which I wear on my thumb.
  • A great-great uncle of mine walking one day in the docks at Liverpool during the Australian gold rush saw a ship leaving that day for Australia. Without telling anybody and leaving a wife and several children without support he took the boat, went to Australia, and made his fortune, not by prospecting for gold but by selling newspapers to prospectors. He came back, fabulously rich, rejoined his wife, who in the meantime had supported herself and the children by becoming the first licenced midwife in Liverpool, gave away a lot of money, drank the rest, and left only two concrete possessions that remain in our family, a hunter pocket watch in an engraved gold case, and its handsome watch-chain of white Australian gold. The watch and chain passed to my father who passed the watch on to me, and the chain on to my sister. Having no children of my own, I gave the watch, which is still in working order, to my elder niece as a wedding present.
  • My Peruvian Sterling Silver collection. I have a silver cuff and earrings and necklace so yeah i guess the whole set. Some of them were given by my friends and some I purchased myself. :-)

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