• Why are you buying a gift for someone you hardly know?
  • I've been in a similar situation...we got invited to my hsb's co-worker's wife's B'day dinner...never met her but knew I couldn't go w/out a gift. As it happened I had ordered a simple little gift called a "Pocket Angel", a couple months before Christmas just for those unexpected gifts. It was a small coin-shape w/an angel stamped on it, in 14ct gold, in a velvet pouch. It wasn't what you'd call cheap, but it wasn't all that expensive either. She loved it. Whenever you shop, whether its catalogs or on the internet you should be able to find similar gifts, maybe not of any type religous symbols, that would be appropriate for such instances. Especially when personal gifts are not appropriate. They sure do come in handy. Good Luck.
  • buy them a gift certificate from something like Oxfam. Then you are buying something really different, AND helping someone in size goat fits all.
  • If it's a dinner party some kind of food gift like a dessert or cider works. For anything else gift cards to the grocery store, Wal-Mart, or a music/movie place are great.
  • A gift card to Starbucks. They can get coffee, tea, juice or food.
  • ask them

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