• The sun's rays hit the area near the equator more squarely so you have the same amount of energy going into a smaller area than if you hit it at an angle (like near the poles). To illustrate my point, shine a flashlight straight at the wall. You will get a bright dot. Now tilt it a bit and that dot will turn into an oval, but that oval will be dimmer than the dot you got when you were aiming the light straight at the wall.
  • 12-30-2016 I'm told the other planets are more uniform. Nobody actually knows why.
  • Two factors cause the equator being warmer than the poles. one is the distance from the sun the earth is in it's orbit around the sun. Summer (for the northern hemisphere) solstice sun is further away from the sun or at apogee. Closer to the sun during winter solstice or at perigee. The second reason is the tilt of the earth on its axis. The sun's angle of light striking the earth makes the poles colder than at the equator. This is also the reason the South pole is colder than the north pole.
  • I blame the Sun,he seems to be obsessed with the equator;))
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  • Cos the Poles are all in England......

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