• A brake rotor shim is a very important part for some automobile, motorcycle and bicycle disk brakes. A common fix for many common disk brake problems, the brake rotor shim can affect braking power and dependability in disk brakes.


    A brake rotor shim is a small shim that sits between the rotor and the rotor mounts on a wheel. The shim is used to even and straighten the alignment of a disk brake rotor.


    The most common issue disk brake rotor shims are used to fix is brake pulsing, wherein the brake rotor or rotor mount is warped and must be extended slightly outward.


    The brake rotor shims provide even, accurate, and predictable stopping power. A pulsing disk brake may cause an accident or crash due to unpredictability.


    Disk rotor shims come in many different widths and sizes for specific rotors and mounts. If you use the wrong size, the shim may break or come loose, causing more problems than it fixed.

    Important Note

    Disk brake shims have very specific torque requirements for tightening and braking. Shims should not be over-tightened, and they should not be used in a competitive or otherwise brake-heavy driving situation.


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