• Growing plants in the winter can be challenging, but it's not impossible. There are plenty of hardy flowers that are often overlooked as warriors of the winter season. Many require little maintenance and still provide an admirable amount of color and beauty to any small garden or yard. Christmas roses, pansies and winter jasmine are easy to grow during the chilliest times of the year.

    Christmas Rose

    If you're looking for a bright, vibrant flower to get you through some of the coldest months of winter, Christmas rose might be it. This flower blooms in shades of purple, red and yellow, and grows to be around 14 inches tall when planted in deep soil. As long as they're kept out of the way of strong winter winds, they will thrive in partial sunlight from late fall into early spring. Pick a permanent spot for a Christmas rose to establish its roots, and it will bring you great results.

    Winter Jasmine

    Winter jasmine is a commonly seen plant in cold climates. It has the nature of a climbing flower, although it does not technically fall into that species or needs a support structure to grow. It often blooms in white or yellow, brightening up any yard or small garden in the winter season. It can be planted any time between June and November and survive with little hassle throughout the colder months. If you're looking for an eye catcher amongst the snow around the side of your house or yard, winter jasmine might be the plant for you.


    Pansies are often seen throughout the colder months because, for the most part, they are intolerant to heat. They require little watering and aren't picky about their soil, which makes them easy to plant for even the amateur gardener. Pansies grow in a number of different colors across the spectrum, ranging from blue to red. They can thrive in a corner of your yard, or in a hanging basket on your front porch. Their versatility makes them the best option for winter flower growing, and they're easy to find at local nurseries as well. Pansies are a great quick-fix for any lawn in dire need of some winter color.


    The perks of growing winter jasmine

    Growing and maintaining pansies

    Keeping up with Christmas rose

  • Here are various flowers which can bloom in winters like Sweet Alyssum, Calendula, Honeywort, Pansies and Violets, Winter Jasmine, Winter Honeysuckle. Gardening in winter little bit tuff because most plants went moderate, but gardening is possible in winters, Natures Buggy has a good range of flowering plants, you can buy flower plants online.
  • not sure, mine wont bloom in the wintertime

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