• Only when we can fire parents for having done a lousy job with their kids before they are sent off to school! Some parents are do-nothings and expect the teachers and the school to fill in all the gaps....every place they let their kids down they expect/demand the educational system to correct! That's unfair, dontcha think? :(
  • You have asked a very complicated question. It would be nice if you could test every student at the beginning of the term, then test them again at the end of the term & base teacher's incentive pay on the difference. . But what about those children whose parents don't read, don't have a single book or magazine in the home, think education is a waste of time, think the child should drop out & go to work asap, who doesn't provide a secure place to live and sleep, who doesn't provide adequate nutrition??? Compare those with parents who provide ideal environment, positive attention and encouragement to excel in school. Should teachers be compensated based the diff bet home life? cultures? motivation? availability of resources? as well as teaching skills?
  • probably but they wouldnt be there if they didnt know how to teach
  • There is certainly a concern that the Teacher be able to take complex ideas, and translate them sufficiently for the student to grasp concepts.
  • Why does an employer hire you? They give you money so what are you supposed to give them in return? They pay you to provide them something. If you cannot provide it or the quality of what you provide is poor then they are throwing money away and getting nothing in return. They then have the right to fire you for not living up to your end of the agreement.

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