• Talk to your therapist about ANYTHING that is botherinig you .. Your personal life, your relationship life, your sex life, things at work , or whatever is bothering you .. that is why you are going there ... +5
  • the trick i use with a new therapist is basically i do easy conversation. talk about things you would talk about with an acquaintance. eventually, i start to feel comfortable & i can open up to them. if that doesn't work, just remember there is nothing to be nervous about. they're there to help you, not condemn you. you came to them to talk about your problems, not avoid them.
  • I know it's gotta be me here, but doesn't it seem that there's something fundamentally absurd about this?! ;-)
  • I assume you're going there to work on certain things that aren't working in your life. Talk about those.
  • Gibberish is good, it's a window to your unconscious.
  • You might consider talking about the fact that you feel a need to plan out your conversation, and why you get so nervous and incohesive if you don't. The good thing about therapists, is that they are trained to ask the right questions if you give them a starting point.
  • Many good answers,talking to a 'friend' is one that stands out for me,if you aren't comfortable with the person,things just don't come out right. I have asked them to start discussions and taken it from there,if you are still too anxious,maybe there is a different approach needed,medications maybe?
  • whatever you think you need to talk to her about
  • just talk to her about whatever is bothering you
  • whatever is bothering you, thats what theyre for

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