• I had great success with Riedel crystal - top flight wine glasses - while I had access to them at wholesale prices. Basically I have found that to do well you need to: Find a product with a well recognised brand name. Find one that people will buy online (eg: shoes don't do so well as people want to try 'em on first). Find a way to get hold of this product cheaply enough that you can sell well below retail but still make a profit. The rest is just getting people to find it in there!
  • I would say e-books
  • There is no one best product. I had success selling books I cleared out of my basement, others make jewelry or act as resellers. You need to research what products you can get at a good price which can be sold for a good profit. It is helpful to search through the completed listings to see what similar items are selling for, not just what they are listed at. If you are not familiar with eBay techniques, it will probably help to start with selling extra things around the house. This will help give you experience and help build your seller rating, which many buyers rely on when deciding which sellers to deal with.
  • one method is to focus on small, light things. The advantage is shipping is very cheap. And if the item is light and also fairly small, you can put the item in a blue Postal Service mail box and not have to wait in line at the post office. If you sell a lot of things on ebay, the biggest headache is standing in line at the post office. So it's best to think of ways to avoid this. That will be your bottleneck. And it can also hurt profits if you have to drive to the post office and burn a lot of gas. Similarly, light things are cheap to ship overseas, if you choose to sell to overseas customers.
  • I had this question too in my mind when I was starting out to sell in Ebay and I ran into a website which helped me to have like an assistant to post items for me in Ebay they do all the research on what sells best!
    • Gordon D. Welke
      Thanks for the really kind recommendation.

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