• Backless, strapless bras are becoming a popular undergarment, as you can wear these with dresses, blouses and other garments that may require straps to be hidden. These bras are designed to provide support and protection by being placed on with self-adhesive strips that allow the bra to stay in place. You can find these bras in many places, from superstores to online retailers.


    Superstores like Walmart and Target have a variety of undergarments for sale, including backless, strapless bras. Walmart allows you to shop in-store or online. If shopping online, their website allows you to use their "Site-to-Store" option, which allows you to shop and view product details online, make your purchase and have the item shipped to your nearest store location free of charge. When the item arrives, you will get an email instructing you to pick up the package at the "Site-to-Store" kiosk at the back of your Walmart location.

    Department Stores

    Department stores also carry a large selection of lingerie, including backless, strapless bras. Stores like Macy's allow you to shop in-store and online. The Macy's website allows you to view product details, wash instructions and "find it in-store," which allows you to see if the item is in-stock at your nearest store location. JCPenney also carries backless, strapless bras and allows you to shop in-store or online. Their website also allows you to view product details, compare prices and check in-store availability for your nearest store location.

    Online Retailers

    Several online retailers also offer bargain pricing on backless, strapless bras. offers hundreds of bras, with a large variety of colors, styles and prices. Check this website regularly, as inventory and pricing can change on an almost daily basis.


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