• I've been to Australia, but I never got to travel the Outback, so it would be back to visit the Aussies for me! : )
  • I live in New Zealand, and the other two arent on my list of places to see. But if I had to choose, I'd opt for a quick trip over the ditch. I have relatives I could visit :)
  • Since I might be going to Australia next year and that El Salvador doesn't do it for me, I'll take New Zealand...however, if the trip is free, I'll go anywhere!
  • I'd chose Auckland, New Zealand.
  • New Zealand - cos my best friend moved there and I really miss her.
  • New Zealand after some research their land is so majestic +5
  • I am in love with español, but El Salvador would not be my number one pick from Central America. New Zealand is right next door bru (I live in Australia), so it wouldn't cost me that much :] Plus I know people there, so I'd have free accomodation. It would be fabulous experience to see such different land and indigenous culture in contrast to Australia. Though I live here, Australia is so large and the states so contrasting in geography that I wouldn't mind travelling it some! I've been in the country but not the real outback, so I'd love to get my eyes on Uluru. And though I'm very fortunate to have fantastic beaches all around me, I'm not really surrounded by gorgeous reefs of explosive colour and life, like the Great Barrier (which is sadly rapidly losing all its beauty), so I'd love to have a snorkel in some o' them! Hmm, for me I think it's evens with Australia and New Zealand :)
  • new zealand is next on my list :)
  • New Zealand as I have a lovely friend living there. Aside from that, they all interest me, not too sure which one I would pick.. hmmm..
  • El salvador...... a relative live there!!!
  • Australia New Zealand El Salvador
  • I wouldn't go to El Salvador. The FMLN are still too much of a threat. Since I live in Australia, it would have to be New Zealand.
  • New Zealand, and I'm GONNA DO IT this winter. We're all booked. Hi, all you Kiwis!
  • I would choose either Australia or New Zealand as I have several chat friends in both countries. They are both on my 'bucket list'.

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