• cant justify the cost of hiring so its begrugingly done by all
  • I clean my own home. Doing household chores is part of my routine early in the week.
  • I considered a service when I was on chemo. But I felt like I should be able to do it myself. I procrastinated the service and I'm slowly digging my way back out of the mess. I only recently got to where I could actually bend over and scrub my tub with a brush again instead of a broom! Before I got my pacemaker my heart would stop from time to time and I'd almost pass out, especially when bending over. And I have more energy now. Not a lot, but more.
  • I do it, I don't have the money for a cleaner, but then if I did, I'd probably still do it, I don't trust someone else to clean it as thoroughly.
  • I hire a service. She is specifically my home health aide. She is not a nurse. However she knows nursing skills. She is very helpful.
  • I used to do it. Lately, I haven't been at all on top of it though, and my house is a mess.

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