• No, not at all. What goes on inside is important too.
  • looks, unlovable?? Of course not. +4
  • Not good looking is very subjective. I believe love and beauty are on the inside. We are not all super models. There are women who are very overweight with scars and pimples, glasses, croaked noses, moles and even deformities of body parts who find love. What is good looking to one is not to another. Many women do not think they are beautiful, but they really are and are to down on themselves to bring out their inner Diva. Go for a make over, hair, body and nails, find some beautiful clothes that make you feel good. Pamper yourself and find the love within. A lot of women who are overweight hide themselves in big bulky clothing. I don't do that anymore. I find tighter clothing that is flattering to me and my chest ;-). I like the plus size stores because the have shirt cuts that are tight on the chest and cut so they do not show off your stomach as much. Or if you are thin with a small chest get a boosting bra with padding. Tell yourself you are beautiful every day. Because you really are, now you have to start believing it.
  • I think anyone can be attractive. Just be healthy and you will probably look pretty good. I think a girl can try to work out and keep in shape, clean her skin and try her best to look good. It is important to have a good personality... I think they aren't unlovable. Everyone has something special to them! :)
  • Looks are one of the least important factors in deciding whether tolove someone or not.
  • Kill em
  • Why limit it on women? There are ugly guys like me too. I can find love once in a while. And like they say "Even a blind squirrel can........". And as Anadeau07 said, you can always better yourself.
  • depends on many things, as how intelligent you are, how rich you are, etc.
  • There is someone for everyone. There are men who would look at a woman and not even notice if she was "not good-looking" compared to what other people's standards are.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Women (or men) who aren't ever going to grace the cover of a fashion mag are just as lovable, perhaps more so, in some ways.
  • Yes. (Though I probably wouldn't have sex with many of them, quite honestly)
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder You got to think like this... you might think I'm really UGLY!!!! but others would think I'm really good looking.
  • When you find true love, this is not dependant upon looks. I have been married for 35 years, my wife was very attractive physically, now this is fading. I love her more than ever.
  • I'm not a guy. But if they had that attitude then I would have to say yeah, for either guys or girls.
  • Companionship-wise: yes, lovable. Sex-wise: very diffult to "make love", leaning towards impossible. lol
  • Objection! Your honor, counsel is leading the witness with this line of questioning! Seriously, Betty-Butter, you're being a bit unfair in the way you're asking these two separate and unequal questions, while making them appear to be a single train of thought. I'll answer you, however, to be fair, I'm going to change directions a bit: A human being's ability to love another human being is not entirely dependant upon physical attractiveness, so a woman or man who is not goodlooking can be lovable, yes. Also, a woman or man who is not lovable can be good-looking. Let's be fair, ok?
  • Of course they're not "unlovable."
  • Only the fat ones. Skinny and medium not-good-looking women are still lovable.
  • I'm not a guy, but I don't see why I can't answer this question. There are women who aren't considered attractive who have found love and there are women who are considered attractive who are despised.
  • I wouldn't say unlovable, but the chances that they'll meet a new person with the potential to fall in love with are a lot less plausible than an attractive person.. but ANYONE can fall in love (Or mistake love for bulls**t like I did), and have a great life.. A face is just a face, and I firmly believe you shouldn't discriminate against them... They probably have more soul and depth to fall in love with purely BECAUSE of how they look.. So absolutely not, They are more lovable than hot chics.. Because hot chics are usually "C-words" that search for guys just as C-wordish...And they'll have a worse life than most.. (Plus, they're the type bosses use for sex to be promoted lol)
  • I hope your question is rehtorical. Before all the Hollywood and Madison Avenue hype convinced a majority of the American people that "beautiful" was a combination of anorexia and top-heaviness, women didn't have to fit any particular stereotype of "beauty." In my mind, they still don't. A beautiful woman is one who is kind, loving, affectionate, compassionate, intelligent, creative, etc. Physical attributes hardly even count, since they are quick to fade, but the rest lasts a lifetime.

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