• You will have to drain the fuel from the tank (pump, or syphon carefully). You will remove the two metal tank straps and the filler neck. Once you have dropped the tank, the lines should be flexible enough for you to slide the tank halfway from underneath the car. Clean the area where the hoses come in, and tap the ring counter clockwise to unlock it. Make sure no dirt can fall into the tank and pull the pump assembly out. You will unscrew the hose clamp and pull the pump off. Replacement is in reverse order. Gas fumes are FAR more dangerous (explosive) than liquid gasoline. Do this only if you are sure you can keep open flame and spark away from the opened gas tank. If you have any doubt, get a qualified mechanic to do it.
  • #1 Raise and support the car on jackstands. #2 Place the drain pan under the transmission fluid pan. #3 Starting at the rear of the pan and working toward the front, loosen the attaching bolts and allow the fluid to drain. Finally remove all of the pan attaching bolts except two at the front, to allow the fluid to further drain. With fluid drained, install two bolts on the rear side of the pan to temporarily hold it in place. #4 Remove the converter drain plug access cover from the lower end of the converter housing. #5 Remove the converter-to-flywheel attaching nuts. Place a wrench on the crankshaft pulley attaching bolt to turn the converter to gain access to the nuts. #6 With the wrench on the crankshaft pulley attaching bolt, turn the converter to gain access to the converter drain plug. Place a drain pan under the converter to catch the fluid and remove the plug. After the fluid has been drained, reinstall the plug. #7 Disconnect the driveshaft from the rear axle and slide shaft rearward from the transmission. Install a seal installation tool in the extension housing to prevent fluid leakage. #8 Disconnect the speedometer cable from the extension housing. #9 Disconnect the downshift and manual linkage rods from the levers at the transmission. #10 Disconnect the oil cooler lines from the transmission.

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