• Oh get over it. You don't need a degree in english to know & employ simple grammar.
  • You think the ones that do would ever wanna admit it?! ;-)
  • Much of the time the questions do not make sense because of the bad grammar.
  • Hear Hear
  • Because there are a lot of insecure people who need to point out the faults of others, in order to feel better about themselves.
  • because some people are annoying perthetic humans who have nothing better to do... don't worry about it.
  • It makes them feel better to cut other people down.
  • I don't have a degree in English and I think I do just fine by it, grammatically speaking. I think people have a tendency to correct others that completely murder the language to the point where it is either A) Almost completely unintelligible or B)Looks like it was written by a dyslexic 1st grader. It makes it hard to take one seriously when they cannot learn how to use basic grammar (especially when it is a native language) to communicate an idea. Then there are those that are simply grammar nazi's and have a compulsion to control everything around them - in which case it's time to bust out the ebonics and drive them into a neurotic frenzy.
  • An attempt to make themselves feel good by making others look bad. +5
  • Remember in school that kid that nearly dislocated their shoulder holding their hand up high because they had the right answer? When that guy grows up he often becomes the grammar police trying to recapture that "glow" of being right. Ignore them, just like the teacher used to do.
  • If done in a civil manner, I appreciate it. +5
  • Some people get on everyone's case about the most ridiculous things. We all make mistakes.
  • Well, in written English the only way to discern your meaning is by your grammar and punctuation. You don't have to have a degree in English to know the difference between, say, a plural noun and a possessive noun. You just have to have passed second grade.
  • Yegads! Have you SEEN the grammar around here? No degree is needed to know your native language. I received this email from a perturbed individual, telling me off: Your and idot! You see, I didn't have to reply. He made my point for me. Look, instead of taking the attitude of, "I'm ignorant and proud of it," why not pay attention to the corrections and be able to show your thinking well?
  • Same reason why people have to point out people who point out grammar mistakes. Cause people like to complain about stuff.
  • For me, the fact we are all on this website communicating by text makes clarity quite important. If someone is trying but falling down over grammar, kudos to them, and hopefully the nazis won't be so...nazi. Hopefully any mention of the error can be done positively/with good humour and received in a similar spirit. If someone just cannot be bothered communicating clearly, I reckon they get what they get - to me it's the equivalent of having a conversation with someone and making it clear that you couldn't give a toss about them. If they give you abuse for your attitude, you kinda had it coming...
  • Grammar is a HUGE deal to me, but I've never corrected anyone. Everytime I read "I seen him do it" or "no he don't" or "I'm not getting nothing" or something of the like, it kills me, but it serves me none to correct.... It's not my place!
  • Because we all learn from our mistakes. How else is one going to know when they err? Everyone started out not knowing one whit about grammar. It is only by being corrected that one improves. Proper grammar is essential to clear communication.
  • Because there asses.
  • How else are you gonna feel better about your pathetic self on TEH INTARWEBZ
  • Because they don't have an answer to the question.

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