• yes being involved with the law is a good profession. one can do many different jobs with a law degree. a patent attorney for example.
  • No comment
  • As I work with a lot of lawyers, I'll say yes. (Just in case they are members of AB) lol!
  • If you're a lawyer! ;-)
  • of course it is, however, a profession that attracts many bottom feeding low life scumbags
  • In the big picture, the law is one of the most admirable of professions. A lawyer is the person who turns the lofty ideals of the constitution and other laws into real world results. The day to day, however, is filled with trivial details.
  • I plea the fifth! LOL
  • The concept of a lawyer - someone who helps to uphold the law - is good. The results, however, often turn out to be someone who does not care for the truth, but is willing to obfuscate facts to attain victory. It gets pretty messy after that.
  • Sorry to say that i have dealt with many attorneys as a police officer. Most are of high calibre, some should be homeless. they are worse criminals than the people they represent. I have arrested several attorneys for conspiracy with the person they supposedly were representing in court. One attorney, as a down payment for one criminal, took a stolen color television to his home. we had prior information this was going to happen and followed the attorney with a search warrant in our hand. He was arrested and lost his license.
  • hell yes, my uncle has been a public defender for 36 years, everyone deserves a good defense
  • They're products of our times. We can hate them for what they do, but they're not the higher ups, nor are they responsible for how the justice system works. If that's how it wants to work, of course people are gonna take advantage of it. Good lawyers might be fulla cash, but I doubt it comes without a crack addiction. I's sad enough that a lawyer gets a murderer or a pedophile a light sentence, but it's even worse that the judge is the one to decide, depending on whoever's got the most cash. What a load of crap...however, we'll get nowhere by targeting one type of person or profession, really. REVOLUTION!! But no, I don't really think it's an admirable position...however, if I committed crime and had enough money to get outta it, I'd prolly sing a different tune. >_>
  • Sure Is !! A FEW have given a "Bad" name to all ; BUT that is not necessarily the case ... and; being a lawyer is the FIRST step to becoming a Judge ... +5
  • Not particularly. I almost became a lawyer but couldn't stand to live with myself when I would ultimately have to get someone off that did it. I have been punished for enough crimes I didn't commit to know the system is broken enough without me.
  • My dad is one. A civil one though not those cheap bastards that sew people.
  • as long as you do it with dignity ;)
  • As long as they do not use their Skill merely to build wealth.
  • It can be, but like any other profession, the mindless pursuit of wealth makes many lawyers sacrifice their honor.
  • Some are good honest people who legitimately want to help those who are in trouble. Sadly some are also greedy and just want to wring money out of people's problems and stir the pot.

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