• Carbon.
  • It is invincibility—to strike with all and to be struck by none. It is understanding—to ask questions and to know the answers. It is peace—to walk without fear, to know that the end is in your own hands. It is skill—to feel the elegance found in violence, and to know the beauty found in stillness. It is Spirit—to gaze into the face of your God and to know him before he comes for you…
  • Here's your video answer.
  • the riddle of steel was given to the cimmerians by their god crom, and the riddle had the secret of extracting iron from the earth and milling the steel into dies where molten steel took the form of the sword.
  • That whatever is used to sustain one's stance in life does not stand on its own, but is driven by one's genuine intent. It has naught to do with swords or psionic powers, merely this. *Taps head.* XD
  • The tool of conquest - the sword - is made of steel. For the barbarians, steel was endowed with supernatural qualities. The riddle of steel is that even the best crafted sword of the finest steel is only as powerful as the person that wields it.

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