• When you say your TV is locked to you mean it is password protected as in the cable/satilight receiver box or as in the TV menu is locked? I will assume the former, in that case you need to call the service company cable or dish what ever you have, they will reset the box once you establish that you are who you are, usually they will ask you your last four digits of your social security card. Since you gave that number when you signed up for the service. They will reset your password usually to 0000 or something easy to remember. Of course if you are not the billed party for the service then it will be their social security number that was used. If it is the latter then you will need to dig out the manual and cal the 1-800 number of the Tv manufacturer who will most likely tell you to take it in for service to reset the menu computer which will most likely cost more than a new TV itself.
  • On the Octus Remote there is a knob with labelled "CALL". Press this knob for 10seconds

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