• Probably less than it use to be, but still higher than the percentage of virgin grooms.
  • About the same percentage as the grooms i'd imagine.
  • I'm not sure. I believe that it's more common then virgin grooms. I am going to be a virgin bride.. and I'm proud of it.
  • Couldn't tell you. I doubt you'd ever get real statistics on it because people on both sides tend to lie. My experience has always been that the more people talk about having sex, the less they are probably having. That said, one piece of food for thought is that many of those who are inclined to have sex outside of marriage probably don't value marriage very much and may never make it to the altar. Those who do actually value marriage probably are more conservative sexually and more likely to have waited.
  • .00000000001 %
  • What percentage of brides are virgins now? Ans. Non. Because they are all married. LOL!! Sorry about that. +5 for your tolerance.
  • I believe that would fall into the category of ... negative numbers .. : )

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